10610ISA 557400 人機互動基礎The Foundation of Human-Computer Interaction (黃仲菁)
10610ISA 523000 影像分析之計算方法Algorithms for Image Analysis (陳朝欽)
10610ISA 591100 獨立研究Independent Study (指導教授)
10610ISA 565100 資訊應用書報討論Seminar in Information Systems and Applications (陳宜欣)
10610ISA 890000 論文研究Thesis (指導教授)
10610ISA 690000 論文Thesis (指導教授)
10610ISA 543000 人工智慧與音樂導論Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Music (蘇豐文)
10610ISA 560100 數位學習與設計E-Learning and Design (楊叔卿)
10610ISA 582000 前瞻深度學習The Cutting Edge of Deep Learning (陳煥宗,李哲榮,周志遠,孫民)
10610ISA 557900 互動設計Interaction Design (許有真)
10610ISA 557700 人機互動量化研究方法Applied Quantitative Methods for Human-Computer Interaction (王浩全)
10610ISA 612000 高等資料庫Advanced Database Systems (陳宜欣)
10610ISA 536200 賽局理論及應用Game theory and its Applications (張隆紋)
10610ISA 590100 資訊系統實作一Information System Implementation (指導教授)
10610ISA 581000 資料探勘與應用Data Mining :Concepts,Techniques, and Applications (陳宜欣)